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Beard Balm 

Moisturizing, softness and glow.

The Barber Men’s Beard Balm is a cream that contains Tea Tree and Witch Hazel as its main assets, which guarantee a more soft, shiny and moisturized beard and mustache, but with a natural aspect.

No rinsing cream and it does not promote skin’s oiliness.

The fact that it does not contain mineral oils, parabens or sulfate makes this product’s use non-aggressive to the hair. This Balm can be used daily to keep beard and mustache’s hair on the right place, helping when is time to shape them.


Tea Tree: natural asset that has a cleanse and regenerative action for the skin, and nourishes the roots of hair’s follicles, so the body hair can grow in a more healthy way, helping to prevent the hair loss as well. It also helps with oiliness control.
Witch Hazel: asset that brings forth volume and intense glow to the facial hair, while it also has an astringent action, which is able to cleanse the pores and promote a softer and cleaner skin.

Indications: All kinds of skin and hair.