Seivas Fresh

Hair Care - 300ml

Seivas Fresh Hair Care line has a formula developed in a natural way, with botanical extracts, vegetable oils, brazilian saps and lemongrass. Free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones, artificial pigments or synthetic fragrances. It is able to clean the hair smoothly, while perfuming it with a green citric touch.


Seivas Fresh Shampoo

Provides an exclusive cleaning of the hair scalp and strands. It prevents the dryness because it has a balanced pH. It makes the hair more light, loose, moisturized, silky, with an extra shine and fragrant for a longer time.

Seivas Fresh Conditioner

Makes the hair more smooth and loose. Its super light formula is able to moisturize without leaving oily or heavy strands. Provides a delicate fragrance to the hair, with a cleansing sensation for a longer time.


Lemongrass: Its essential oil is antiseptic, and it also has antibacterial and astringent proprieties.

Indicated for oily hair and post-smoothing

Acqua Nutri

Hair Care - 300ml

The Acqua Nutri Home Care line is manufactured with natural extracts, free from artificial pigments.

The Nature’s care directly for your hair!

Acqua Nutri Shampoo

Smoothly cleanses the hair. Because of its remineralizing proprieties, it is able to recover the strands, making them more silky and healthy.

Acqua Nutri Conditioner

Enriched with assets that provide the strands moisture and emollience, it eliminates the dry appearance since the first application. Contains regenerative proprieties, which helps with the collagen generation and gives back the hair’s natural elasticity.


Oatmeal Glycolic Extract: Rich in moisturizing and softening proprieties, it invigorates, nourishes and protect the hair. It also provides remineralization.

Creatine: With an action that looks like keratin’s action, it recovers the strand’s mass, preventing snap, fall and severe dehydration. Protects against chemical and weather aggressions.

Indicated for dry and dehydrated hair.

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