Fireman Kit

Treatment 4x1

Intensive Moisturizing

Intense moisturizing with 4 types of treatments to recover the hair strands. This is what you will find in the Fireman Kit. It can serve with urgency all of the needs of the weakened, devitalized and excessive chemically damaged hair.

*Exclusive for hair professionals.

This kit consists of: 

Moisturizing Shampoo

With repairing action, it keeps the strands moisturized thanks to its formula with balanced pH, which isn’t aggressive to the hair. Its creamy foam makes the hair strands perfectly clean, smooth and shiny. Does not contain salt.


Wheat Protein: Promotes the damaged hair recovery. Forms a protection around the hair fibers, resulting in more shine and silkiness.

Silicone Polymers: Makes it easier to detangle hair strands, while offers thermic and natural damage protection, such as the exposure to the sun, wind and sea.

*Indications: For all hair kinds, including the rebellious and undisciplined.

Nutri Premium Hair Mask

Restores, nourishes and reconstructs the devitalized and chemically treated hair strands, providing mass and giving back the shine and natural stretch for the hair.


Macadamia Oil: Composite by fatty acids and antioxidant substances, it keeps the hair strands moisturized, reducing frizz, giving shine and repairing the stretch.

Cereal's Extract: The cereals protein have affinity with the protein structures of the hair – which provide the replacement of the damaged hair fiber. They promote restoration, smoothness, shine and pleasant texture.

*Indications: Very damaged hair.

Finisher Fluid Premium 3D

With a quick action, it deeply treats the hair from inside out, providing mass and keeping the strands aligned. It transforms rubbery hair, as a result from chemical actions, in a completely healthy hair, smooth and recovered in a few minutes. Super concentrated formula with keratin and creatine, it gives back the shine and natural sealing of the hair cuticles.


Omegas 3, 6 and 9: Restore the hair protein. Control the frizz, protect against natural damages, fight back the double ends, stimulate the growth and provide smoothness and shine.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Makes it easy for the strands to absorb proteins. It is responsible for endurance, elasticity and moisture. It keeps water inside of the hair cuticles.

Hydrolyzed Keratin: Protein that acts restructuring and conditioning the hair fibers. Provides a smooth and healthy look.

*Indications: Stretchy, rubbery, weakened, damaged and porous hair.

Advantages of the Fireman Kit's use:

✔ 4 different treatments in only one kit.
✔ Instant recovery of the damaged hair.
✔ Indicated to all hair kinds.
✔ Deep moisturizing process, from inside out.

✔ Provides a healthy hair, with shine and natural movements.



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