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Shaving Cream

Moisturizing and smoothness.

The Barber Men's Shaving Cream has Calendula and Coffee Extract as its main assets, which guarantee a smoother sliding of the razors during the shaving, while they protect and moisturize the men’s skin.

With this cream, your skin’s face will not even feel anymore the razors sliding on!


Calendula: herb rich in flavonoids, with several benefits for the skin, like anti-inflammatory action, preventing the skin’s irritation and redness after shaving; antiseptic action, deeply cleansing the skin while regenerates it; and anti-aging action, helping to stimulate the blood circulation and improve skin’s vitality and appearance.

Coffee Extract: it also has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-aging actions, besides of also moisturizes and stimulates the cellular regeneration, keeping a more tender and fresh skin.

Indications: All kinds of hair and skin.